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   Legacy of Sultan
   Abdulhamid II



The Legacy of Sultan Abdulhamid II

A new book by Princess Nadine Sultana about her grand-father Sultan Abdulhamid II and her father Sultan Selim Han IV.

sultanabook.jpg (10929 bytes)

Author: Nadine Sultana d'Osman Han - Foreword by M.M. Eskandari-Qajar (Kadjar)

Publisher: Sultana Publishing, Santa Fe, NM, 2001.

245 pages (including 53 illustrations, appendices, notes and bibliography)

LCCN 2001: 126509

List Price: Hardcover US $ 55 (tax included)

Ordering information: Sultana Publishing, 1723 W. Alameda, Santa Fe, NM, 87501.

About the Author: Nadine Sultana lives and writes in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is the author of the Light of Truth Beaming on the Human Race (1980) and L'Heritage de S. M. Abdulhamit II, Sultan (1989).


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