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AWAIR Workshops



AWAIR Workshops
Teacher Professional Development Programs

Let us conduct a teacher professional development program ("workshop") for your school, district, county or state office of education, or for your university or community organization.

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Staff Development!

We can offer you a full day's staff development program. (Two day programs can also be arranged.) 

Audrey Shabbas will present her exciting program "Content and Strategies for Teaching About the Arab World and Islam".   Programs can also be directly tailored to your district's or school site staff's needs.  Photo: Librarian Ghada Elturk (center) had Audrey do a two-day program for her Boulder (CO) Public Library - with day two being entirely art!

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With outstanding reviews from the National Council for the Social Studies, Shabbas's materials and strategies have been touted for their "sophisticated lesson plans that relate the Arab World to students' lives. . . . readings that frankly explore the cultural puzzles that many of our textbooks only mention. . . materials [that] have the power to exorcise stereotypes and replace them with understandings." (California Council for the Social Studies)


Workshop Details

A typical workshop includes such topics as cultural geography, history, family & women, and the recommendation of materials that are especially helpful when teaching about modern times.  

Ample time is given to discussing impressions of the Arab World, the broader Middle East, and the wide world of Islam.  Afternoons are typically spent learning about the exciting curriculum "A Medieval Banquet in the Alhambra Palace."

Special attention is paid to teaching strategies in the utilization of a variety of approaches. Hands-on and across-the-curriculum approaches exemplify the day's activities.

Photo: Two participants in the two-day workshop for the Boulder Public Library, display their finished art pieces - accomplishments of a single afternoon!

AWAIR Workshop Participants

Scheduling a Workshop

Scheduling a workshop begins with a call to Audrey Shabbas (510) 704-0517 or an e-mail to Audrey <> who will set a date with you.  Within minutes plans can move forward.

NO grant proposals to write.  Set the date with Audrey Shabbas and it's a "go".  There are only two requirements: a minimum of 30 participants and at least 5 hours of presentation (Audrey is happier with six or seven - so plan as long a day as you like!)  AWAIR has presented such programs to 10,000 teachers over the past ten years.


Teachers Talk About Workshops:

“Awesome workshop!  She is very charismatic and obviously well-educated and well-traveled!  One of the best I have been to.  It is right up there with the TAH workshop, which is an outstanding experience!  I would love to come to another workshop put on by her.”  Teacher, Olean, NY

“That was ‘hands down’ the most interesting, most informative, and best workshop I have ever attended.  It should be a required workshop for all history teachers and a strongly recommended one for all other teachers.  There is not a more relevant topic in our country for students and teachers to understand at this time.”  Teacher, Olean, NY

"It is easy to understand why Audrey Shabbas is in such demand. Teachers were laudatory in their praise of both substance and approach."  Workshop Organizer, Rockville, MD

"Great - definitely worth getting up for! Ms. Shabbas is as good as I'd been told."  Teacher, Las Vegas, NV

"Our workshop was a smashing success. Several teachers with more than twenty years of teaching experience stated that it was the best workshop they had ever attended. . . She (Audrey Shabbas) is extremely knowledgeable, has a great style of delivery, a warm sense of humor, and some of the best curriculum materials I have ever seen." Social Studies Supervisor, Midland, TX

"I don't believe I have been to any conference that was so relevant and substantive! I hope you will return next year. I'll be there with bells on!" Teacher, Cockeysville, MD

"I have organized and hosted hundreds of professional development programs for K-12 teachers. None has come close to the quality, interest and professionalism that the Arab World Workshop exhibits." Director, Teachers Center for Global Studies, Worchester, MA

"Are you (to the participants) watching Audrey? She is modeling the very teaching techniques we have been talking about all year!"   Social Studies Supervisor, San Bernadino Co., CA

"Better than a graduate course! A great deal of content and understanding of the Islamic world. . ."  Teacher, Albuquerque, NM

"She (Audrey Shabbas) is one of the most dynamic workshop presenters I have heard. She has an uncanny ability to read her audience and to respond to their interests."  Social Studies Supervisor, Lubbock, TX

"I loved this presenter. She was amazing. Very knowledgeable, well prepared and intelligent. Great job Audrey!"  Teacher, Salt Lake City, UT

"I learned more about Islam in this single day than in all my life." Teacher, Richmond, VA


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